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Simply Hot Shares: “Best Ofs” for WordPress, 2019

It’s time for my very first “Simply Hot Shares” post. I am sure that as a newer or beginner WordPress user, it can be overwhelming at times to sort through all the tips, tricks and help to find what you are looking for or learn how to do something at a particular moment. Don’t worry, I am here to help! You can expect a Simply Hot Shares post one time per month, which will include a roundup of things pertaining to anything WordPress.

We are only in March and everyone seems to be creating “best-of 2019” blogs! (Wouldn’t it be more like the best 2018 that you should use in 2019?) I have sorted through those blogs and am presenting you with my Simply Hot Shares list…

Hopefully, this aggregated list will save you time from searching endlessly for the “top”, “best”, or “most recommended”  WordPress stuff.

Join me again next month but in the meantime, share your favorite WordPress stuff below!

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