Gina Lorenz

I started using WordPress as a content management system several years ago, after learning how to create websites from scratch using html and css. Regardless of all the negative comments I received from other programmers and coders about using WordPress, I loved it and have found it to be a great tool and asset. There is a huge community of people using WordPress and creating plugins, themes, tools, and tutorials for it. It has been around since 2003 and continues to get better every year.

As when you are learning anything new, there is a learning curve. Even if you find WordPress easy to use, and are able to use it successfully, there are likely a ton of tricks you don’t know yet. After years of building websites in WordPress, I have a number of these tricks, both basic and more complex, to share with you. I hope you’ll find these tips useful and hope you will join me in helping one another make creating websites in WordPress easy for everyone!