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4 Free Tools to Keep Visitors on Your Site & Enhance SEO

Incorrectly sized media can cause visitors to leave your site, can damage your website’s performance, and can cause you to lose visitors. Don’t get so caught up with what you’re presenting to your audience that you forget to compress your media files!

No one likes a slow website and it is proven that most users will abandon a site if it loads too slowly.  Google research shows that as page load time goes from 1 to 3 seconds, the likelihood that someone leaves your site increases by 32%. This means that if you want your visitors to stay awhile you should be concerned about doing everything you can to keep your site speedy.

In addition, Google measures page speed as an SEO category. For your site to have any Google ranking at all, you will have to care about its size and speed.

Bloated media files are a big contributor to slow site speed, so let’s talk about some tools you can use to improve your website speed, and also improve your SEO (search engine optimization) as a result.

There are multiple tools on this site but I recommend the X version Here you can shrink your image size prior to uploading it to your site. Just drag and drop your photo into the app and save as small, medium or large quality and it will significantly reduce your image size.

This lovely app has a lot to offer. You can resize, rotate, crop, convert image format, and compress your images.  There is one downfall -you can only do one thing at a time. The upside to this is that the site works quickly so you can resize your image first and then go back and compress it.

Smallpdf does everything ‘PDF’ – from conversion to compression. Most documents that you upload to your WordPress media file will be a PDF, and PDF sizes can be enormous. This can frustrate your visitors when they try to download your media because it will take too long to download, not to mention that it is slowing down the speed of your website. works super fast. It is one of my very favorite tools.

This is the perfect plugin for your WordPress site if it is already filled with images that have bloated file sizes. Smush boast lossless compression that won’t destroy your image quality. Install this plugin on your website and you will be able to compress up to 50 images at a time!

All of the tools I have mentioned here are free and don’t require you to download anything or have an account of any sort. The extra few seconds that you take to properly size your media will result in huge benefits. There is more to the story of improving site speed and we’ll talk about this some more another time. For today, start by reducing the size of your media files.

If you have other free tools you love, in addition to the ones mentioned above, leave a comment and share them here…

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